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Meditation is a unique journey of self discovery.

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My Meditation Journey

Meditation changed my life. It set me on a journey of a self discovery both internally and externally. Externally, because it has taken me to interesting locations like India, Nepal and Nottingham and internally, to exotic locations in my inner world. However, these have been less important than the transformation I have seen within myself where meditation has given me more freedom to be increasingly authentic, have a greater capacity and inner support to deal with life trials and tribulations and be more comfortable with challenging feelings and emotions. I’m nowhere near a finished product -there probably isn’t such a thing – as I continue to be excited by my unfoldment through the art of meditation.

My meditation sojourn has accompanied me through my adult life as I first learnt Transcendental Meditation (TM) when I was a 20 years old and very much a green horn! It was hit and miss with TM in those days as other youthful distractions took precedence, but it definitely sowed a seed that gradually germinated into a sturdy desire to discover more. Since TM I have practiced Buddhist Vipassana meditation, mantra meditation, walking meditation, concentration type meditations and over the last 12 years following the meditation practices of the Diamond Approach of which I’m a part.

Meditation has been a daily practice for 30 odd years now, so I have either become a fixed creature of habit or someone who needs meditation like I need food, except this is sustenance for the soul. Hopefully more the latter. I would say I’m a convert and passionate about meditation, someone with a lived experience of the positive impact it can have on one’s life. Hence my desire to share, support and possibly guide others through their own inner journey, wellbeing and unfoldment.

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What I Offer

• Meditation techniques

• How to set up a daily or regular practice

• Unpacking the hindrances to meditation practice 

• Provide support as psychological material surfaces as a result of the practice

• Explaining the terrain of your inner world   

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